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Setting & Aims

Our Setting:

Our philosophy of care for children is based upon “owned choice”, which describes how our children use the space available to them freely. They are not confined to home bases or one room during their time in the nursery. The opportunities that free flow brings, provides children with the chance to develop their instinct to explore and challenge while learning.

We also adopt self managed learning which means that our routines follow the needs of each child, rather than the child following the routines of the nursery. Muddy Boots combines the care of a secure homely environment with many opportunities to challenge and develop your child to really benefit from both the opportunities on the inside as well as the nature and the outdoors.

Early Years Foundation Stage:

The first five years of a child's life are the most important. We are here to give the support and care to help make them happy, confident children. We work under the Early Years Foundation Stage, a statutory framework, designed to ensure that children get the best possible start in life. The four themes of the Early Years Foundation Stage reflect the ethos that we work under in the nursery.

  • That each child is unique
  • That positive relationships between children, parents and staff support learning
  • That the learning environment should be enabling
  • That learning and development are promoted through play, exploration and creativity 

Our Aims:

At Muddy Boots Day Nursery:

  • We always respect every child as an individual person with their own personality and set of needs. We treat all children and adults with equal concern and we promote positive images of race, culture, gender, disability and ethnicity.
  • We look to provide a close and secure relationship between your child and our nursery nurses. They will be cared for to the highest possible standard in a loving and enjoyable environment. Our dedication to the wellbeing and care of your child ensures that we can provide a stimulating environment, which is always fun and enjoyable.
  • We aim to develop a close partnership with parents to help achieve a relaxed yet professional relationship. Our two-way communication with parents ensures that we provide each child with the best care and education that also reflects their individual needs.
  • We strive for children at Muddy Boots to be happy, motivated, confident, polite, kind to others and show respect. We help to prepare them to be independent individuals who are ready to face the challenges that life at ‘big school’ will bring.



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